Dear Friend,

 When I spotted this heavenly apron at the Love Vintage Fair and I let out a squeal of delight… it was the apron of my dreams.

I just adore the soft sheer fabric and dainty floral workings…so impractical and yet totally necessary for a girly baking day.

I have quite an impressive apron collection (I’ve been collecting for many years) some are covered in strawberries, others wisteria, roses and tea cups. They are all beautiful in their own way…. but they just don’t have the whimsy and daintiness of a vintage apron.

This little apron has got it all…lace ruffles, pink ribbon work roses and applique butterflies…sigh!

I decided that a pretty pink flower apron needed a pink rose top and earrings. This top is a couple of years old and the colour is fading but I still find its silk rouching and roses enchanting.

Many of my aprons bulk out the middle but this one is quite slimming.

They say when a lady is well dressed she holds her head a little higher and walks with an extra spring in her step- I believe this to be true.

When it comes to baking, there’s nothing like a swish apron to help you channel a 1950’s housewife….if only I had the laminate kitchen table and gelato coloured kitchen canisters… sigh, again!

The brownies…what’s left of them.


 Princess Pin Curls