Dear Friend,

If you haven’t read my last post I suggest you pop back and read it before you read any further….otherwise you won’t fully appreciate the story of this cape.

It turned out that getting the fabric was the hardest part of this whole endeavour… the sewing was relatively simple. This was my first attempt at sewing a jacket, and my sewing machines first attempt at sewing through several layers of thick wool at once.

 I am pleased to say that we both survived the attempt unscathed and are both happy to make her a sister…. maybe in black with a patterned or coloured lining?

After cutting all the pieces I just had to stitch them all together. First the two back pieces;

Then the two front pieces to the back;

Then I had attach the return fabric and stitch two little darts at the neck to create the illusion of a collar;

Then attach the interfacing to the inside of the jacket.

Attach cuffs and sew the lining together in the same manner as the jacket.

Then stitch the lining into the jacket.

…. and viola I had a cape.

The pattern called for a button closure and I bought a beautiful vintage style black button but no matter where I positioned it I couldn’t make it work. So I decided not to have a button… but then the front looked too plain… I whipped out one of my Sarah Coventry brooches and pinned it on instead.


Here is the finished product;

I was worried that it might look a bit ‘boxy’ at the back- but I was pleasantly surprised it has a really nice ripple effect that makes the cape look very fluid and graceful.

 I can’t wait to take her out for a spin…I think I will wear her into town next week!


Princess Pin Curls


This pattern was quite simple and easy to follow. It is part of a small collection of 1950’s patterns that Vogue have re-released they are exactly the same cut and design as the original. Unlike the original, it has step by step precise instructions and printing on all the pattern pieces. I have a few original Vogue patterns from the 1950’s and sewing with them can be quite cryptic and a bit of a trial. My next project is using one of these said patterns to make a dress with full-blown rose fabric…but more of that another time.