Dear Friend,

A couple of weeks ago I promised to share some more of my dollie collection with you, so here we go.

This one is a home-made piece and has been lovingly stitched and embroidered…I wonder…for who, by who, was it made? It would have taken many hours of stitching and crochet work to complete.Was it for a glory box/ hope chest ? For a much-loved daughter or sister? It is nice to think these small objects d’art have not gone to waste, we are still enjoying them years later.

I bought this for the Darling Girl because it felt so young and girly…and the icing on the cake (or should I say dollie) it had her initial “C” was stitched in the corner.

When I was younger I liked anything that had my initials or name upon it and so I like to buy things for her that have her trademark letter “C” or her name on them. It somehow makes it hers….her very own…every young girl likes to have treasures all of their very own!

It sits upon her desk most of the year, either as a coaster for her water-glass or underneath a bouquet of flowers.

 Did I tell you that I really loved the pretty swallow? I have tried to fill her room with beautiful bird motifs. I feel they symbolise freedom, happiness and exploration.

 I want my children (when ready) to fly from the nest as confident, chirpy little birds that feel they can soar onwards and upwards in pursuit of their dreams….but that will not be for many years.

For now I want them to stay close to their mama bird and eat the worms I feed them.