Dear Friend,

Most schools went back today but the Darling Girl doesn’t go back until tomorrow so we stole a day out of reality…and went into town, to see the Napoleon Exhibition.

Before I tell you all about it…I’ll show you what I wore…my new cape.

We decided that a seriously chic 1950’s look needed some serious 1950’s model like poses.

Cape-made by me

Skirt- Portmans

Sweater- Laura Ashley

1950’s Velvet and Lace Hat- Vintage Dealer on Phillip Island

Pearl & Cut Glass Necklace- Mimco

Sarah Coventry Brooch and Earrings- Ebay

I’m so glad we set aside a girly day to go to the gallery… it was a beautiful collection of paintings, clothes, porcelain, jewellery and furniture from the Napoleonic Empire period. If you are one of my Melbourne readers, I heartily recommend going down to the National Gallery of Victoria to see it.

It is such a shame that you can’t take any photos inside…I really would have loved to share some of my favourite pieces. My favourite was a complete jewellery set made of gold and seed pearls- it had a necklace, two bracelets, earrings, a tiara, belt clip and several tiny seed pearl hair pins. It was divinely sweet and dainty, not at all over the top like so many of her diamond and ruby pieces. It was said that Napoleon had it commissioned by Paris’ top jewellery manufacturers for his love…that man had excellent taste in jewellery!

I also found the history and stories that came with each item was amazing, I learned so many interesting facts. Did you know that…

 Empress Josephine had two children by a previous marriage (to a nobleman) and only just escaped the guillotine during the revolution?

Did you know that Napoleon was not French by birth and never quite mastered speaking french with a correct accent?

We had a lovely time enjoying the sights and sounds of the city…. and we even fit in a little bit of shopping too.

We truly did “forget all our troubles, forget all our cares” when we went down town!


Princess Pin Curls