Dear Friend,

As a child I ADORED Enid Blyton books, especially the Famous Five and Secret Seven.

Those kids seemed to have the best holidays, adventures and freedom to ride their bikes wherever they liked. They also had foodey treats beyond my wildest dreams…icecream, lemonade, lollies… all in quantities that just didn’t seem in line with a 1950’s english diet!

These seem like silly things to be in awe of (as an adult) but when I was ten years old these things were amazing and totally beyond my realm of experience.

These hard books are originals from my stepfathers’ youth and date back to the 1960’s. They were a staple in my childhood reading, although when I was young I was not enamoured of their mustard yellow covers…. we had a much larger collection of red covered ones that were my favourites in my little bookshelf…much prettier…and almost pink!

My Mumsikins handed them on to me last year and now they take pride of place in our glass fronted bookshelves-yay! So I have been re-familiarising myself with these old friends…and loving them so much.

Over the last couple of years I have become more open to colours that I previously cringed at…browns, yellows and oranges. I love mustard and most yellows nowadays and have slowly been incorporating them into my wardrobe, mostly through scarves.

I thrifted his little Autumny toned gem a while back and started to search for a brooch to match it – on etsy. After a couple of weeks perusal I found this brooch and earring set that matched perfectly.

I wasn’t too sure about my hair down…so I put it up later in the day. I think it looked more librarian-ish up…which felt appropriate with all that Enid Blyton…

The jewellery set is the same colour, same leaf as the scarf…almost like they were made for each other …and the enamel finish matches the satiny finish of the scarf too.

What was even more delightful was the fact that they only cost $13 for the set….. delivered, from the U.S !


Princess Pin Curls