Dear Friend,

I took this photo by my bedroom window the other day.

I was  trying to capture the beauty of the white magnolia tree outside…it didn’t quite work;

I bought this silk dress at the Way We Wear Vintage Fair specifically to match my Daisy coat. It has what I call an “ashes of rose” colour about it..and even has its own rose stitched on to it.

I bought the coat quite a few years ago from Laura Ashley– it was one of the last pieces to come directly from the UK collection-and have always struggled to find a dress that complements it.I don’t wear it that often because it is so pale, but when I do I feel like so happy and optimistic.

Daisies always seem like such friendly, happy flowers- don’t they?

It has the most exquisite detailing such as grosgrain ribbon, piping;

and the most fabulous daisy buttons;

Sorry about the serious face- I don’t know why I look so cross!

I am currently searching for a cream 1950’s or 1960’s handbag- to match these shoes-but they have eluded me thus far. I always try to match my shoe and bags if possible and I have a scarf in exactly the same shade of pink that would look great tied onto a plain bag…. I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous bag on loan from the Beauford Street collection- isn’t it a darling.

I hope are all having a wonderful week!


Princess Pin Curls