Dear Friend,

I bought this skirt in my favourite thrift shop last week…it was hung up on the wall behind the counter way up high near the ceiling (anything that is really nice gets put up on a nail on the wall behind the counter)… they obviously classified my skirt as a top shelf item…both physically and metaphorically.

 I love it so much that I have managed to wear it twice already…not many items in my wardrobe get a double showing in one week!

It makes me feel like a spanish lady…which then leads to spontanious twirling and dancing…with the aid of my crinoline, it has become my favourite twirling skirt.

I love twirling…

There isn’t much more I can say about this skirt that can’t be expressed in the following photos;

My hands look slightly contorted in this photo…. that’s me trying to immitate hand clickers…ala spanish dancing…and failing dismally!

I’m not normally an abstract print fan…but I do love this mosaic style print and the colours are striking in real life-the photos don’t do them justice.

I probably look like a bit of a goose in these photos…but I really can’t be sensible all the time…that wouldn’t be any fun at all!


Princess Pin Curls