Dear Friend,

I love kitsch retro adverts.

The following are some ads that I found in my 1950’s Australian Women’s Journal … it’s amazing how different brands tried different tactics to gain customers. Berlei seemed to aim their advertising at young women and young mothers.

There approach to gaining new customers a campaigning for women to maintain their ‘lovely figures’ and the overall brand image was soft and feminine.

(I must say I wish that these long-line bras would have a resurgence in popularity, they really did give a fabulous silhouette)

They touted modern developments such as their “built-in air conditioning”- totally necessary for the modern miss- and their ability to “take years off your figure” ;

Other brands such as Charma angled their ads at mature ladies, focusing on the quality and longevity of their product;

Then there were a whole range of scare tactic ads that painted a ghastly picture of women who neglected their under garments… this is just one of the many ugly ads I found…

( It’s amazing how that girdle took 10 years off her face!)

Then there were quite a few scientific looking ads that broke down the features of the undergarment into point by point form…and always seemed to discuss bad posture….

I hope you enjoyed these little snippets from the past….they feel so different from so many of the ads and products around today….that I really hfelt I should share them.


Princess Pin Curls

P.S-I can only imagine what designers from these time think of some modern bras that are constantly advertised on TV nowadays (tha “ahhh bra” etc that have no built in support or wiring)?