Dear Friend,

Winter is the season for getting those indoor jobs done….those projects that have been on the back-burner.

One of the jobs on my to-do list for a while was to make a brooch cushion for my fledgling collection of Staffordshire Brooches. I only have two so far, but I am constantly on the look out for these little lovelies wherever I go.

These floral brooches are quite delicate and chip quite easily if stored in a jewellery roll or with other brooch. I could store them away safely in little boxes filled with cotton wool…but then I wouldn’t ever see them!

Here is what I came up with…I was given this sweet china slipper for Christmas last year and have wanted to use on my dressing table ever since…but wasn’t sure how. This seemed a fitting use, a china slipper to hold china rose brooches.

 Here is what you’ll need to get/do if you want to make one of your very own.

You will need 1 x China Slipper

2 x Poly styrene craft balls

(which you cut into in half)

 Pack the balls into the slipper so they fit quite snuggly, cutting the halves into quarters and eighths (as required) to fill any gaps.

Then cover with your fabric of choice- I used a shot pink silk;

Then add your brooches;


 It looks a little empty…. I might have to find a few more brooches to fill it up!


Princess Pin Curls