Dear Friend,

Being the last official week of Winter I felt it was appropriate to wear my newest kilt.

As much as I would love to wear it like this (pretending I’m a highland lass). I had to go to work so I made a few adjustments before heading off, donning a beret and moving the scarf to my neck…compromises, compromises.

I love kilts, and have always wanted one in the classic blue, black and green. I bought this one last week in a thrift shop…I’m so glad I found it before Spring really hits and that I will be able to get a bit of wear out of it before I have to pack it away for Summer.

It’s an original Scottish wool kilt, super soft and warm….so cosy!

I don’t have a kilt pin (I should really invest in one) so I borrowed the sword pin from my pink kilt.

This beret, covered in golden charms, was the first hat that I ever bought…way back when I was sixteen, when I started in my first part-time job. The charms are quite varied from a duck, to a star, a rooster, a basket, an old-fashioned clown and a pair of scissors…quite a random assortment…. but they make a very charming collection.

I have quite a few Spring/Summer hats  but not so many for the cooler months…..I’ll just add that to the loooonnngggg list of items on my vintage wish list!

I am hoping to collect a few more winter hats over the coming year. I am currently lusting after a 1940’s olive green felt hat on etsy-sigh.


Princess Pin Curls