Dear Friend,

My latest sewing project was conceived many months ago (in April) when I found this beautiful rose fabric;

I wanted to use it to make a full-skirted dress with a round neck line but it took a few months of searching to find the right pattern. I think fate stepped in when I found this pattern on etsy , it was exactly the style I wanted and the fabric used in the illustration looked remarkably like my red/pink rose fabric;

My 1959 Vogue “Special Design” pattern from Savage Spider .

I was lucky enough to buy it in mint condition, the instructions and pattern itself had never been opened, let alone cut….such a rarity. Although it’s quite discoloured the paper is still crisp and fresh to the touch.

I have made a cape and dress from the Vogue Vintage range (which are re-prints of the originals) but I have never used one of their original patterns from the 1950’s or 1960’s.

Unlike so many of the patterns produced around this time it has precise instructions for pattern layout on the fabric and step-by-step instructions with loads of diagrams. I think they might be a little too precise at times…I have had to re-read some of these a couple of times before comprehending them fully;

As an added surprise I discovered that my parcel included an introduction letter from the 1959 Vougue Editor assuring me of my fine taste and congratulating me on a quality purchase- such a lovely touch;

 There was also this handy card to send away for the complete 1959 Vogue Catalogue of Patterns;

Oh, how I wish I could slip this little coupon in the mail box today and receive this drool worthy book here in 2012…sigh!

I wonder about this patterns original owner…was she a non sewer who had ambitions of running up a dress for herself, only to chicken out and store the pattern away? Or did she buy the wrong size pattern and never exchange it…what could prompt someone to buy such a lovely pattern and never use it? The mind boggles!

I will keep you posted as I progress with the dress.


Princess Pin Curls