Dear Friend,

With all the nice weather we are having we decided to head out and take the bikes for a spin. We peddled on down to our local shops to pick up a baguette for lunch, before heading to the town centre park.

Many bulbs have been allowed to naturalize among the memorials, the effect is quite charming. As I cycled around I felt like I was in a little patch of country-side.

The Darling Girl got a beautiful retro bike for her 13th Birthday- complete with lemon sorbet paint work, white wall tyres and a removable Toto basket (Wizard of Oz).

…isn’t she a beauty!

There is an old cemetry behind the park, whilst the children played I circled around it. It resembles a wild flower meadow at this time of year;

On the way home we passed so many pretty houses and gardens;

I wore my very first (and only) original 1940’s dress.

I’ve got some original 50’s and 60’s dresses but none from the 40’s so this was a real find for me. It was slightly imperfect so I bought this one fairly cheap, so I don’t have to be too precise with it. I like the fact that I can wear this ‘day dress’ for everyday wear- I don’t have to keep it for ‘good’.

1940’s dresses were cut with economy and practicality in mind, so they are far more practical than their 50’s counterparts. For this reason (and the fact I drool over 40’s dresses in vintage magazines) I have decided that I will have to hunt out some patterns and make up some of my own.

I love its atomic print and mix of colours- blue,green and pink.

I also love the pleating the on the bottom half of the collar…so dainty;

I bought it from a lovely Vintage trader at the Williamstown Vintage Fair- check out her wonderfully kitsch business card;


Princess Pin Curls