Dear Friend,

Today we went on an adventure up to the Dandenongs (mountain ranges just outside of Melbourne).

It’s so pretty up in the mountains at this time of year, there are forget-me-nots and wild garlic growing wild by the roadside;

The nearby shrubbery was a perfect match for my outfit;

Todays outfit is more a collection of thrifty finds than pure vintage fashion, but I think the look is quite authentic.

Cardigan, Hat, Rose Brooch, Bag and Earrings- Thrift

 Dress- Laura Ashley Summer 2011

Belt- Imagination

Shoes- Wittner (many years ago)

Sheer lemon gloves- Vintage Fair

I just love this hats wide brim and double bow detail. I call it my Titanic hat…hence the pose.

I used my new hair rat to style the back of my hair to give the illusion of a 1950’s short hair style. Those lovely ladies tended to have quite short hair and it is rather hard to achieve a polished 1950’s day look with long hair. I had never used a hair rat before and it took a bit of practice and help (thankyou Kerrie-Anne) to get a smooth polished look.

This ‘brooch’ started life as a few scrap millinery flowers, I turned it into a brooch with the addition of a large backing pin. The imitation dew drops give them such a fresh look…one lady asked me if my corsage was from my own garden!

I bought the bright yellow 1950’s clip-on earrings and two-tone bag only yesterday…sometimes the thrift fairies are kind to me!

My beautiful friend Karen, the children and I had a wonderfully colourful day tip toeing through the tulips.

Hope you liked the pickies!


Princess Pin Curls