Dear Friend,

I love to frequent thrift shops!

There is one particular shop in my area that always seems to be a treasure trove for  household items from the 1940’s through 1960’s. As much as I love all these bits and bobs I just can’t take them all home with me.

So I thought I’d do a quick post on some of my thrifty purchases and the things that I had to leave behind.

I have never seen a ‘Hosiery Dryer’ before and I was chuffed to see this mint condition piece- with its original box- in one of the glass display cabinets at a local thrift shop.

I’m guessing that it was never installed, the pieces haven’t got a scratch or blemish on them, apart from a tiny dirt mark.

Judging from the dress and hairstyle of the lady on the box I’m guessing it’s from the 1940’s…any thoughts? Has anyone else ever seen one before? Sadly, we don’t have a dedicated laundry in our house (we have a euro laundry in our bathroom) so I had to leave this treasure behind.

In the same shop I found this Carpet Bowls set….I love the silly description on the box ” A full-sized game in miniature..” What does that mean?

 The illustration on the box is just so camp- Dad even has his own pipe and newspaper! Prince Charming tells me he had one just like it when he was a young lad…same box and everything!

For the “Kitchen Magician” there was a ‘Food Glamorizer’ instruction manual…perfect for making those fancy vegetable flowers and carving those Jack-o-Lanterns.

Judging from the colours and patterns on the box I think that this is a 1960’s kitchen tool.

Below are a few things that I could justify bringing home.

This Singer Dressmaking Guide from the 1940’s is so much more than a boring dressmaking book. In addition to advice on sewing and pattern re-sizing this natty little book covers personal style and choosing flattering clothes for your figure type.

 It was a must for the vintage seamstress in me!

I also had to buy this deadstock girdle, not really vintage as it isn’t that old-but great for everyday wear;

I also picked up this twee Sandler blue and white bag with bow.

I love anything two-tone and this bag matches a pair of my summer shoes perfectly.

What’s your best thrifty find?


Princess Pin Curls