Dear Friend,

I have found myself drawn to the 1930’s look of late.

This might be due to the fact that I’ve been watching a few BBC period drama’s like Miss Marple and the new series Upstairs Downstairs- I just love Agnes and Persephone’s wardrobes, hairstyling and jewellery, house, cars… well you get the picture…


If you haven’t watched it you simply must set aside some time very soon to do so.

 I bought this 1970’s dress from etsy a few weeks ago hoping to give it a bit of 30’s styling. 1930’s day dresses were all about simple longer lines but many of them did have over-sized and collars. I took in the bottom of the skirt to give it a more tapered, streamline shape more inline with a 1930’s look.

I fell in love with the simple three-colour print and the huge ruffled collar and flounce to the bottom. The label says that fabric was made in France, I don’t know what the French did to their nylon fabric but it feels divine.

The ruffles feel so soft and flirty, without being too over powering…being a bigger gal too much ruffle and puff can make me look overdone.

This dress is soft and floaty and incorporates a slip in the form of a detached lining. An original 30’s number would have been made of silk, where my dress is made of polyester…so it want be getting much wear in the December/January.

I am so glad that the ruffle collar goes all the way around the back, it looks so fetching.

To finish off the look I tried a new 1930’s style set that was an adaptation of one I saw on youtube. It was a ‘wet’ hair set that combined rollers and steel pins, and I plan on doing a post on it later this week…but for now, here are some pickies of how it turned out.

I wanted to create definite finger waves to the front of my head and have soft, rounded curls to the rear.

Bakelite was used in the 1930’s to make brooches, hairclips and many other fashion accessories. I find these modern day reproductions from Mimco quite a good substitute for the real McCoy.

By pinning the back up I was able to give the illusion of the shorter hair and keep it flat and close to the head- that typified the era

I would describe my look as 1940’s-50’s a smattering of  conservative 1960’s thrown in occasionally. I never really dabbled in 1930’s looks until recently and am just starting to dip my toe in the water so to speak. I have always adored classic 30’s Hollywood but have never been able to transfer this look to my everyday life until now.

I was very surprised how easily it was to create a 1930’s day time and am looking forward to delving into the era more often!


Princess Pin Curls

P.S- No doubt you’ve noticed blue hat box…being so prominent in the photos….I bought it the other day to house the overflow of my vintage hat collection. I swore I only wanted to buy chocolate brown leather hat boxes, but when I saw this one I couldn’t resist.