Dear Friend,

We recently threw an Alice in Wonderland themed Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for the Darling Girl’s 13th Birthday.

She elected to be Alice for the day…

….and her brother chose to be the White Rabbit so he could use his beloved fob watch.

I made her apron out of an old embroidery anglaise nightie and we thrifted/ borrowed the blouse and skirt.

We hosted the party at home and decided to really go to town with the theme. When the guests arrived they were greeted at the garden gate by the White Rabbit who took them to the entrance of Wonderland.

I made this entry with an old sheet and cut outs of an Alice in Wonderland fabric, from Spotlight.


Unfortunately many of our guests were too big for the hole so they had to have a little drink to make them small enough.

Once through the hole they were presented with a cookie that restored them to their normal size….phew!

Our party table was laden with all manner of tea time treats.

These little ‘pots of tea’ are actually Vanilla Snap biscuits with royal icing and sprinkles.

tic-toc goes the time…

tiny tea cups and saucers

… more cookies

In the movie Alice saw “Bread and Butterflies”…and no party is complete without fairy bread so we used a cookie cutter to make our fairy bread in the shape of butterflies.

For ease of cleaning up we used pink and purple disposable napery, plates and cutlery.

but I wanted the girls to have proper china tea cups at some point in the day, these strawberry and jelly cups seemed like a lovely way to do so.

We decided on making a Queen of Hearts cake…white on the outside and red velvet in the middle…and lots of cream in between.

We had many traditional party games like three-legged races, egg & spoon races, we smashed a very pretty, pink pinata.

We even had a “Pin the Tail on the Cheshire Cat”

At the closing of ceremonies we had tiny golden trophies for the winning party guests…the Darling Girl spent quite a bit of time drawing the pictures on these cute tags.

Hope you enjoyed your time in our little Wonderland!


Princess Pin Curls

P.S – I went as the Queen of Hearts, although my outfit was put together rather hastily. I am wearing on old spotty dress from a few years ago and pretty much anything red or heart shape that I could find in my wardrobe.

I found the crown in our old dress up box and added a foil covered chocolate heart to make it a Queen of Hearts crown….

to complete the over the top Queen look I wore two-tone (black and red) false eyelashes…

I wore these super cute heart seamed stockings and red patent leather shoes.