Dear Friend,

I adore novelty print fabrics- in all their shapes and forms.

I swoon over any fabric that has a kitsch diminutive print…animals, fruit, cityscapes, bicycles, toile…I love them all irrespective of their colour or theme. I have a few novelty print cardigans and a circle skirt with sewing needles and cotton spools on it, but not a lot in the way of dresses.

 I rectified this the other week when I bought this silk dress at the Hello Sailor Vintage Marketfor a very reasonable price. I wasn’t immediately sure if the colour suited me…I don’t noramlly find apple green that flattering, but I think that the pattern has enough pink in it to be ok.

Silk Dress- Hello Sailor Vintage Market

Cardi- Ojay

Cane Purse- thrift

Earrings- Love Vintage Fair

I have pondered the scenes trying to decide what country was depicted. The flowers and boat scenes appear to be quite tropical and warm, but the buildings are mostly in a traditional European style. After a bit of pondering I am guessing that it might be an Asian country during it’s European colonial period- maybe Vietnam, Singapore- any thoughts?

This house reminds me of a certain ‘old house in Paris that was covered in vines’ from the Madeline books.

This dress is the perfect colour to go back with this summer cane purse.

I bought it a few weeks ago and have been waiting for the right outfit and weather to come along…you can’t use a watermelon/lemon purse on a cold day, that would be plain silly!

These earrings are a new addition to my collection, they are great for an outfit that requires a creamy colour earring but wouldn’t work with pearls.

 I have many novelty print aspirations and hope to share more of them with you in the months to come!


Princess Pin Curls