Dear Friend,

Christmas is a very serious matter in our house, setting up the tree and decorating the house takes the better part of a whole day.

Most of the year I am a devotee of all things 1940’s and 50’s but Christmas brings out my traditional side and my decorations are primarily Victorian style.

We set aside last Saturday as “Tree Day”… all the family pitch in to get all the boxes of decorations out, assemble the tree…and the all important train that goes beneath it.

Our train plays music,”choo choo’s” and even puffs real smoke. It is the joy of my sons life for the entire month leading up to Christmas.

We have a beautiful porcelain angel that presides over our tree every second year. It used to be every year until my son (at age six) demanded that we have a golden star on top of our tree like in the Polar Express movie. So, to my daughters horror, I gave in and bought a golden star and our angel has now been downgraded to bi-annual appearances….she is extremely happy that this year is an ‘Angel Year’.

As Prince Charming has allergies I have had to settle for a ‘fake’ tree. I was determined that it should be a nice one, not plastic looking. I bought this tree and many of its ornaments the year the Darling Girl was born. I found it in a truly beautiful shop called Unique Boutique, which was a Canberra institution at the time-sadly, it is no longer in business.

I fell in love with the soft cream, green and pink theme and particularly the beautiful carousel horse and lion.

I loved the look so much that I happily abandoned my red and green themed decorations in favour of this softer coloured look.

 I have never found any vintage ones decorations in my colour pallete so I have tried to pick ones that have the look and feel of years gone by.

In addition to these initial porcelain pieces I have added many crafty ornaments like these decoupage ovals and the beaded heart.

I’ve collected many inexpensive gold glitter decorations over the years so that practically every square inch of the tree is now covered it sparkle, bling or fairy lights.

The baubles are all made of glass as I hate the ‘seams’ that are on the plastic baubles. The only draw back of glass baubles is that they do break if dropped, over the years I have lost a few….there is something bitter sweet about the sound they make as they hit the ground, it is the most magical ‘pop’ sound imaginable.

I haven’t lost any baubles since reading a simple tip….when setting up the tree spread a duvet or eiderdown under the tree so that any ornaments or baubles that drop fall into a soft feather bed and not upon the floor….if you don’t laready do this I highly recomend you try it.

I will leave you to your own festive decorating….Have you put your tree yet? Does it have any particular theme?


Princess Pin Curls