Dear Friends,

Spring is slowly fading here in Melbourne, the days are growing longer and the air warmer. The Jacaranda tree in my backyard is blossoming and it’s dainty flowers will soon form a lilac carpet upon the lawn.  The sweet, heady perfume of Chinese Star Jasmine fills both the morning and evening air…whispering to me “Summer is nearly here, Christmas is coming”.

I relish this period before the heat flattens my flowerbeds and the humidity frizzes up my hair. It is a time of festive preparations and anticipations. During this time of hustle and bustle I want easy wear, easy care dresses to see me through the shopping, wrapping, posting of Christmas parcels.


This is where I find simple nylon dresses come in handy. I know a lot of vintage girls don’t rate the humble nylon dress too highly but I think the have a place in our wardrobes as a good workaday piece. They are machine washable, line dry in no time and need no ironing, what more could you ask for in hectic times? (I really couldn’t face ironing a full circle cotton dress right now!)

 I have a few of these early 1960’s gems, although this is the only one that allows me to wear a crinoline beneath it. I wear with simple ballet flats, with or without a cardi which makes them perfect for cool mornings and evenings.


Nylon dresses are extremely hardy and (unlike cotton dresses) they hold their colours beautifully over many years. I bought this dress on ebay a few years back and have washed it countless times since without the slightest sign of wear.



The 1960’s colours are not my normal choice but the cream background softens the overall effect well.


A simple bangle finishes off the look. I bought this bakelite look-a-like from an inexpensive chain store for easy Summer accessorizing.

The next two weeks are the busiest for me as I try to complete my Christmas preperations mid-December. Once my Christmas ‘ to do’  list is finished I feel calm, collected and ready to return to my normal wardrobe…which is a good thing as nylon dresses just don’t cut it when Spring has melted into Summer.


Princess Pin Curls