Dear Friend,

On the weekend we had went to Tyabb, a small country town 40 minutes from Melbourne, to do a spot of shopping at The Vintage Emporium and The Vintage Shed

Don’t let the appearance of these humble premises fool you- they hold some of the best vintage shopping around these here parts. I have only been once before, when it first opened, but I will definitely be making the trip more often as I got some wonderful treasures.

But first -what did I wear?


Dress- Laura Ashley

Hat- Enjoyit via Love Vintage Show

Brooch Camberwell Markets



This is a 1950’s reproduction dress from Laura Ashley Spring/Summer 2010 (I think).

I never tire of its soft dappled colours and the pleated waist detail- it is one of my favourite summer dresses.



It has the most beautiful flowers embroidered on the base of the skirt, they provide a strong punch of colour against all the pastels.


The dress came with it’s own small tulle layer at the base of the lining, more of a flounce than anything else but I couldn’t resist showing it in a picky…it’s the most delicate shade of lilac.


I bought this sweet little raffia hat from one of the Tyabb traders Enjoyit at the Love Vintage Show and I thought it only fitting that I wear it when visiting its original home.


The Vintage Shed was a smorgasbord of vintage home wares and bric-a brac. Although I didn’t buy anything there this time (too many Christmas presents to buy and no spare cash) I did see many a good piece that I would have loved to take home-sigh-maybe in the New Year?

I saw this suitcase full of retro printed paisley and check shirts and zoomed in to check out if there was anything fun for Prince Charming;


Only to discover the most lilliputian shirts I have ever seen, they were all children’s size 2-4…I wish that I knew a little fellow that these would fit…they were simply adorable.


I wanted to buy this desk for the Darling Boy- we have the map theme going on in his room already with his vintage globe light- but alas we had not the money nor the room to bring it home!


The Vintage Emporium is home to several traders who specialise in 1940’s-60’s garments, jewellery and accessories. I had to be very restrained in this shop as I found many beautiful things that have been on my vintage ‘need’ list.

In the end I bought several wonderful pieces…but I will share all my goodies with you next post as this one is becoming far too long!


Princess Pin Curls