Dear Friend,

Last week I bought wonderful treasures in Tyabb and I wanted to give them their very own post, rather than tack them on the end of my last outfit post. It really was a shopping trip of ‘firsts’ for me as I bought many pieces that had been on my vintage treasury list.

When we arrived I found this basket chock a block full of seamed stockings for $2 a pop! Heart break ensued when I opened a pair to check the size, far too large/tall for me…truly…heartbreak!


I was a bit puzzled by the sign….seamed stockings….1960’s? Someone had their eras mixed up….but $2 is a great price for any form of seamed stocking.

Luckily I found consolation in these original 1950’s stockings which came in such charming packaging;



Not exceptionally fine in texture, but a good everyday stocking none the less.  009I also found another pair of exquisitely fine stockings in what looks (and felt) like an old pen case.


Has anyone else ever seen stockings packaged like this?

Was it to be kept in a ladies purse in case of emergency?

When I opened the lid I found this little note on watermark paper;


They are my first pair of original fully fashioned stockings… and I will treasure them for quite sometime before wearing them.

014 I have had my eye out for a slip in an ‘eggshell’ colour- not white, not cream- for quite some time. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this deadstock slip hanging in the $10 section (surely a mistake) but I didn’t argue.

043I have the exact same one in a beautiful ‘grey moon’ colour which is a soft grey come blue that really does lookm like haunted moonlight.

The cut is fabulous as it is fitted at the bodice, skims the body through the middle and it flutters and dances around my knees when I walk… 044

Jádore that pleating… 045

The next item is a truly momentous purchase for moi…my very first 1950’s blouse. She has it all-she’s sheer, she’s marshmallow pink, glass faceted buttons and beautiful stitching.

057 I usually steer clear of blouses (as they normally don’t suit my frame) but I was so enchanted by the colour and fabric that I gave it a whirl…and was very pleasantly surprised.


The photos don’t do the glass faceted buttons justice.


This brunch coat has been sitting lonely in a drawer for many months as it was lacking the right nightie to go with it…white looked wrong and I couldn’t find the right shade of sea-foam green. I practically pounced upon it when I saw it… and hoped like heck it was going to be the right colour.


Luckily for me it was and now I have my very first original Peignoir set.

If all these weren’t enough I found one last dream piece….I don’t want to give too much away as I am going to devote a whole post to it in a few weeks…but here is a sneak peek;




Princess Pin Curls