Dear Friend,

You may have noticed that I haven’t been showing any new sewing projects over the last month or so…this is because all of my sewing time has been devoted to resizing my wardrobe. My weight loss regime continues and I have lost 7 kilos to date which has meant many of my wardrobe favourites are looking decidely saggy on me…hence the constant alterations.

Sadly, the weight seems to be dropping off my top half with the greatest of ease…but it is very reluctant to leave my bottom half… particularly my waist.

This has made resizing my dresses quite a challenge and I am reluctant to tackle any new sewing projects until the ratio between my top and bottom half levels out….fingers crossed that this will be in the near future as I have many projects that I’m keen to get on with.

I promised to keep you posted on my progress. So here is my latest waist measurement…..on the road to my 30 inch waist goal….with quite a ways to go.

qld 001

In the mean time I am recycling some existing outfits and trying to pimp them up with some new styling. I decided to give this dress a bit of 1940’s styling with peep toe shoes, plastic jewellery and a scarf in the hair.


and era appropriate stockings


I had a go at creating a reverse giant curl through the front of my hair before tying the scarf in my hair…and was very happy with the results. I normally try to keep my curls rolled close to my head and flat as my cow lick’s are a bit unruly. Today I quickly curled a piece of hair up and around so that it stood up and then bobby pinned it in place. To my surprise it held and it stayed in place nearly all day- which is saying alot as it was quite a windy day.


The plunging neckline and exposed cleavage …probably not so 1940’s though.


Princess Pin Curls