Dear Friend,

I know I showed you my Christmas tree the other week but we have a new addition to our household…I was lucky enough to find but not one, but two pink 1960’s style Christmas trees from a local thrift shop for the bargain price of $15.


The base is also pink with Christmas decorations on it.

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The tiny fibre optic lights change colour from white, to blue, to purple and then pink… it is just like a large pink fluffy, sparkly tree from a Dr Suess book.

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I say 1960’s in style because I initially thought they were original 1960’s until I got home and investigated them properly that I discovered they were a lot more modern than I thought.


Placing the tree posed a few problems as it clashed with all our Christmas decorations then I had a light bulb moment- it would look perfect in our bedroom.

I know it’s a little over the top having a tree in a bedroom but one of my friends calls it the pink palace already so I figured why not give it a go. It looks simply magical at night… I love looking at it when I’m reading in bed.

Hope your Christmas decorations are up and looking scrummy.


Princess Pin Curls