Dear Friend,

The other day the Darling Girl and I bunked off all of our responsibilities and headed to the seaside. It was a bright sunny day with more than a hint of wind…blue skies as far as the eye could see…perfect!

I fell in love with this dress back in Autumn when I saw it at the Laura Ashley Spring/Summer Fashion parade and dreams of it kept me going throughout the cold winter months. Knowing it was the perfect Summer dress.

Postcard from the Pier

The beautiful silhouette on the bottom of the dress is a lithograph of the pier at Brighton, England. I just love anything with a British seaside theme and adore their piers, they always conjure up images in my mind like ice-lollies, carnival and pebbly beaches (hard on the feet but at least you don’t get sand in your bathers).

Whilst we don’t have anything quite so fancy here in Melbourne we do have a lovely pier down at the St.Kilda esplanade. The pier has a Victorian Pavillion style kiosk at the end whose pagoda shape mimics the print on my dress…making it the perfect backdrop for a special outfit post.

So here are some snaps we took down at The Pier.


Postcard from the Pier7

Postcard from the Pier16

Postcards from the Pier10

We stopped for the obligatory hot chips and ice cream at the kiosk.

Postcard from the Pier8




Postcards from the Pier 9

I always find the sea so calming…the water stretching to the horizon, gantly lapping against the sand and the tang of the salty air are all so soothing and yet invigorating at the same time.


Princess Pin Curls