Dear Friend,

I recently purchased a whole bag of deadstock 1950’s and 1960’s stockings from my favourite thrift shop…for $1 a pop!

I have been slowly road-testing them over the last month or so and must say that I am extremely pleased with their fit and durability…when they say ‘ladderproof’ they mean it.

I have been wearing them the lighter shades up until today, when I cracked open one of the darker pairs.



I know it was common practice in the 60’s to wear stockings quite a bit darker than your natural skin tone (to emulate a sunkissed tan) but it feels a little weird seeing slightly orange coloured legs on myself!


…check out the contrast…


I thought one of my brighter 60’s dresses would tone down the leg colour somewhat.



Then I had a go at doing a quick bouffant hair-do, not too big mind you, as I was off to work. I try not to look too outlandish for work, my outfits normally attract enough attention and questions already!





This dress is another of my nylon easy care dresses that are so easy to wear for this busy, busy week before Christmas.

I can’t believe it’s less than a week away… I still haven’t made my Christmas cake.I will have to do that tomorrow…’always at my back I hear time’s winged chariot hurrying near’.


Princess Pin Curls