Dear Friend,

Christmas Eve is finally here!

All the cooking is almost done, the stockings are hung and I am about to enjoy a Christmas tipple….or two. I have cooked my little tooshie off today in preparation for tonight and tomorrow’s meals and am enjoying a well-earned rest.


I made this Nigella Lawson Christmas cake that is laced with Tia Maria and cocoa- it tastes fabulous and looks great with the addition of this old-fashioned foil wrapper….Does anyone else remember having these wrappers on their Birthday cakes growing up, they seemed so magical back then?

 I wish I had taken a photo of it before we sampled it…silly me.


I am feeling very poinsettia today. I wearing my “new” (vintage) poinsettia apron, earrings and even a poinsettia corsage…I love a well themed outfit.



Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas, may Santa be good to you all!


Princess Pin Curls