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I think it’s about time I started posting some hair-do tutuorials…with a name like Princess Pin Curls I would be remiss not to.

My first tutorial is the Poodle Hair-do which was made famous by Betty Grable and, later, Lucille Ball.

Ball, Lucille (Lover Come Back)_01

Normally long hair would need the use of a curling iron to create this hair-do….but I find this too labour intensive. My hair styling mantra is ‘simple and quick’ -I don’t have time to fiddle around with a curling iron in the morning. All my everyday hair-dos are created with the previous day’s (wet) roller set or with hot rollers in the morning. I have used hot rollers for this tutorial as they are quick and hassle free.

Women who wore this hair-do usually had bangs (a fringe). I don’t have bangs and my hair is quite long at the front so I had to create volumous curls in the front section by using larger rollers and heavy-duty mousse to hold the hot roller curls tight/short.

018Alternate between rolling the hair ‘under’ and ‘over’ the rollers for the entire front section of hair- this will make the curls stand up and out at odd angles.

In the photo below the roller on the left has the hair rolled under. In the photo below  I’m rolling the hair rolling over.

026Make sure that the sides are rolled over the roller so that the hair will sit smoothly when you sweep it up to the centre of the head.


This is what the front of your hair will look like when you’re finished. 030

Place one straight line of rollers through the back section of your hair. This will acheive a soft, even curl that can be swept up nicely.


Wrap a scarf around your head…have a cup of tea, do some housework and in 15 minutes your rollers will be ready to come out. 033

When you take your rollers out your hair will look something like this.


Lightly tease the base of each curl.


Run your fingers through the curls to separate them and make them look softer. 036

Then begin pinning small sections of hair up with bobby pins, starting in the middle of the head. 037and working outwards in both directions. 038

Then do the same at the back of the head, starting with one side then moving progressively to the other.

It will look a little messy to begin with but you can smooth any lumps with a fine tooth comb and adjust the curls at the end. 039Then coat the entire head in hairspray to keep it in place.

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