Dear Friend,

Christmas lingers in my house for a week or so after the actual event. We still watch our favourite Christmas movies, ‘naughty’ food continues to be consumed and the decorations stay up until New Year’s. During this lull between Christmas and New Year I like to plan…plan summer day-trips, plan upcoming blog projects and devise which sewing dreams I am going to fulfill over the year and buy patterns and fabric.

Earlier in the year I waxed lyrical about my new-found love for the colour yellow in all it’s forms. I have a pretty lemon fabric with tiny white daisies that I plan to make a halter neck dress with white embroidery anglaise trim and faux petticoat…but that dress has been pushed to the back burner as I finally got my hands on this  scrumptious fabric, from the Spotlight Vintage Fabric range.


I fell in love with it many months ago…as soon as I saw it I envisaged a full-skirted 1950’s dress with nipped waist and cap sleeves. Unfortunately, it was $15 a metre and the pattern that I had in mind needed around 5 metres (I find $75 for fabric is a bit too much for a simple day dress)….but I really did love it…so, so torn.

 After much debate I resolved to wait and see if it got reduced (and buried the bolt of fabric deep, deep down in the craft section of the store underneath camouflage and dinosaur fabric where it hopefully wouldn’t be found by other vintage sewers). Two weeks before Christmas I found it on the SALE table reduced to $5 metres, I snapped it up and practically danced out of the store.

In the end I only needed 4 metres as I changed my mind on the pattern. The floral pattern looked a little too busy with a gathered skirt so I opted for a flat, full circle skirt which allowed the beautiful rose print to shine. I used an original 50’s Butterick dress pattern to make the skirt.


For the bodice I used the bodice from a 1950’s Vogue Dress pattern 4963 (which I also used to make my Vogue Special Design dress) I decided to use a plain full circle skirt pattern rather than the gored one.

It has a nicely cut bodice that is both simple and elegant.


It has darts to the rear shoulders to help the dress to sit neatly and daintily across neckline.



The bust darts are quite sharp and allow for the shape of a 1950’s bullet bra.


The skirt pattern was designed to have a side opening and the bodice of the Vogue dress required a long back zipper so I had to split the skirt at the rear to insert the zipper…the curse of blending patterns.


P.S- Spotlight’s Vintage Fabric range has been created from archive prints and are sorted and labelled into eras. There are seperate sections for the 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s and the prints range from florals to novelty prints like fans…my lovely friend Sippy Tea has made a fabulous 1950’s dress with the fan fabric. I have bought a few pieces from the range over the last few months, including a blue 1940’s floral print-which I am planning to make a puff sleeve blouse out of).