Dear Friend,

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a nice New Year’s and enjoyed it wherever you were and whatever you did.

 Life is so busy nowadays that I find it easy to get caught up in the rush of everyday life and not enjoy the journey enough.Over the last week I have been pondering my personal New Year’s resolutions and will endeavour to counter this. In 2013 I have vowed to be more patient, to find time to ‘stop and smell the roses’ and to ‘not sweat the small stuff’.

These resolutions have got me thinking about my bloggy goals for the coming year and I have decided to make a few changes and improvements to Princess Pin Curls. I will be including more tutorials and sharing more of my projects and series with you throughout the year.

I will be featuring more 1940’s vintage sewing projects over the coming months as I plan and prepare my Winter wardrobe (I always feel far more 40’s in the chilly months, narrow skirts, fitted sweaters, gloves and coats). This apple print satin is to go to be transformed into a 1940’s style blouse and will match back with an emerald-green skirt of mine;


This fabric, from the Spotlight Vintage Range, will also become a blouse to match back with winter grey skirts, it looks almost flannelette in the photo but it is a soft cotton poplin.


 I haven’t used too many 1940’s patterns up to now…as they are usually quite complex and my sewing skills are quite rudimentary. I want to do a few drape fronted dresses that incorporate gathering at the shoulder and made from softer fabrics…but I need to investigate a few modifications that my sewing machine needs before I can do these. So I will be continuing my 1950’s sewing until then and I plan to make a full circle quilted skirt for the coming Winter.

quilted full cuircle skirt.

(I will probably make mine in black though)

For the second half of the year’s sewing Calender I would like to whip up a 1960’s housecoat. I have always wanted a housecoat so much smarter than a dressing gown and far more decent than a brunch coat if you have to answer the door. I like all the styles from 1930-60’s but I think I will start with an easy pattern like this, and if that is successful I will attempt a heavy 1930-40’s style one for Winter 2014.

House coat pattern sewing project

Also on the sewing front, I will be featuring more Make Do and Mend blogs that will show how to re-style and re-cut garments to better suit a specific era.

make do and mend 2

(They will also incorporate resizing of clothes…I have many an outfit to run in as my reducing regime continues and will share these tips with you.)

    This year I will also feature a few multipart series, the first of which is entitled Mad Men Lingerie, which will start next week. This will cover the under-cover styling of those Mad Men gals, their bras, girdles and nightwear.

MAD MEN lingerie Betty Draper

Later in the year I plan to do another series with vintage styling tips from my collection of 1940’s Australian Women’s Journal magazines which will show how to co-ordinate and accessorize yourself for ultimate vintage flair.


(I have quite a few of these little pearls from the past, these are just a taster)

Have to sign off for now… I need to go finish that Yellow Roses of Yesteryear Dress, which I had hoped to have finished two days ago!


Princess Pin Curls