Dear Friend,

I promised to share more photos of my Roll the Dice Blouse that I made as part over my  ‘Make Do and Mend’ series, so here we go.

I wore this outfit down to Camberwell junction to run some errands and visit the American vintage import shop Again, Again, Again ….only to discover they are still on Christmas holidays. Boo Hoo!


I bought this red glass bead necklace a year ago from St. Vincent de Paul in Hawthorn for $4, they are quite heavy. I love glass beads, so much nicer than plastic. I have been on the hunt for a pair of matching earrings to match them ever since. They needed to be the exact shade of red and the same shiny glass patina…and ofcourse they had to be clip-ons.

I bought these from a lady at the Camberwell Markets before Christmas with a small enamel cherry brooch (another thing on my vintage wish list) for $5 the lot…sometimes I can’t believe my luck.


It’s very hot here at the moment…so please excuse my bare legs…40 degrees celsius is just too hot for stockings!

I am very happy to say that this outfit is almost entirely thrift shop or vintage market found.

Blouse, Skirt & Bag- Thrift

Necklace & Earrings (red glass)- Thrift & Camberwell Markets

Bangle- Equip

Shoes- Diana Ferrari


This skirt was another thrift find during last winter and I simply love it to bits. It looks super summery and lifts some of my darker coloured tops (like this one) enough to wear them in the warmer weather. The cut was terribly matronly when I first bought it but that was easily remedied…and just check out the pattern on the fabric


Like most vintage skirts it is unlined and requires the use of half slip. This one came from what I call my ‘petticoat junction’ thrift store. Every time I go there I buy at least one slip or half slip, I have even bought a shell pink silk camisole from there for 50 cents.

066 We took lots of photos but many of them were over-exposed or I was squinting beyond belief. That’s why most of the photos are in the shade.

Curse you hot weather!


This wasn’t really a “look at your watch” model pose…in which I would have looked graceful and carefree. It was me saying ” We really have to go, I’m terribly hot, that’s enough photos”, hence the raised eye-brows and furrowed brow!


Princess Pin Curls

P.S- I never thought I would own a pair of white patent leather sandals with cork wedge heel…it sounds so 1970’s…but I bought these two years back because they work so well with a 40’s look.