Dear Friend,

I was lucky enough to receive the Liebster Blog award recently from two very lovely vintage bloggers Erika from Fun with Vintage and Porcelina from Porcelina’s World both these original blogs are filled with vintagey fun, youth and enthusiasm.


The Liebster Blog Award was started for bloggers that are relatively new and/or have fewer than 200 followers. There are ten questions that are posed to the recipient upon presentation of the award and recipients are asked to nominate five other blogs to pass the award on to.

 I am very honoured to have been given these awards and have taken some time to fulfil the requirements of the accepting the award as I have been working almost non-stop over the Holiday period…and I didn’t want to rush .

Whilst I read and enjoy many blogs that are more than truly worthy of the award I have tried to select blogs that my readers may have not come across before.

I always enjoy discovering new blogs and hope that you enjoy them.

 Atomic Redhead is the creation of the young, beautiful and talented Janey. Her blog is filled with excellent reviews, vintage sewing, outfits and outings. Her sewing projects are awe inspiring- from her Disneyland skirt to her Halloween costumes. At the moment she is road testing and reviewing reproduction bullet bras. Last year her equally vintage husband Patrick hijacked her blog weekly and wrote a series entitled Manly Mondays…these were fabulously informative… and an excellent starting point if you are looking to give your man a vintage make-over! Pop over and check her blog out, you will want to subscribe!

Old-Fashioned at Heart– this blog is penned by the young and talented Jip who writes with in both German and English. Her blog is filled with lots of interesting posts on vintage sewing and styling.

Harlean’s Heyday-Riikki is from Finkland but now lives in London. Her blog is peppered with wonderfully colourful vintage outfits, photos out and about in London and lots of fun with friends…well worth checking out.

Advantage in Vintage is penned by Liz who is vintage trader and collector whose blog is peppered with pictures and knowledgable tidbits regarding British fashions from the 1940-60’s. She has a wonderful collection of Horrockses Frocks that she exhibitits from time to time at vintage fairs and is a contributor to Queens of Vintage.

Lost in the 50’s…although she has over 300 followers I had to include the beautiful Laurence’s blog here. She is truly lost in the 50’s…she has a totally vintage house, wardrobe, car and even a vintage wearing husband (is that not every vintage girls dream?). She writes with flair, knowledge and joy…oh and she also lives in France. Her blog is a must read…I can not understand why she doesn’t have 1000+ followers. YOU REALLY SHOULD CHECK HER OUT.

The ten questions posed to me were;

1.  What is your favorite clothing era?

Probably the 1950’s. I love full skirts, crinolines and novelty prints. Everything was just so elegant and pretty.

2. If you could be any vintage starlet, who would you be?

Vivien Leigh. She had it all-beautiful features, alabaster skin and was a great actress.

3.  What’s the biggest vintage clothing splurge you’ve made?

That would have to be my Spearmint-Green taffeta evening dress, which I bought last year for $85. Although this is not a huge sum to have spent on the dress (in fact it was a very good price) I say it is my biggest slurge is because I haven’t worn it yet…. and it no longer fits me due to my reducing regime. So I have to decide if I can alter and wear it or if it’s too difficult to resize and sell it…both options seem too hard to face at the moment, so I have put off thinking about it.

4. What’s your best kept secret for finding deals on vintage?

Be thorough when looking through stalls and shops. Sometimes the best things are well hidden and have been missed by all the shoppers before you. Also, be prepared to mend/ resize things if it is really something you like.

5. Do your friends and family wear vintage?

A few of my friends wear vintage and vintage inspired retro clothes. One friend adores the fabulous Miss Fischer (from the ABC) series and wears quite a few pieces that have a 1920’s flavour.

6.  In what way does your home reflect your vintage style?

Not really vintage…more antique. My sitting room has an antique french style sofa and gold gilt mirror and Victorian piano. It’s decor was inspired by the ‘red room’ in Jane Eyre.

7.  What’s the best show on television?

This wasn’t really a question was it?….Mad Men, of course!

8. What was the best vacation you’ve taken?

A couple of years ago we went to Tasmania…so clean, pure and peaceful. We would love to go back again.

9.  What’s your favorite accessory?

My crinoline, it’s my grown up girl tu-tu.

10.  Do you have a goal for the new year?

To not sweat the small stuff! Only worry about the things i can control and influence…worrying about the rest is futile.