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We see Betty mooching around the house in her nightgowns a lot.

Her nighties are generally white and pastel affairs in sheer nylon, with a small amount of lace or a bit of applique work;

Betty draper nightie

betty nylon nightie

betty pegnoir set

betty pink nightie

Some pretty sheer nylon nighties for sale on etsy at the moment;

Betty Draper nightgown Betty draper peignior set 2
When these nighties are teamed with matching dressing gowns they are called a Peignior Set. The one below is a less expensive day-to-day set.

Betty Draper  Pale blue set

via etsy

This one is a more up market set that would have been quite expensive. Betty wears one like this after she marries Henry Francis.

Betty draper peignior set

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Betty wears this floral pattern peignoir set whilst pregnant with Eugene.002

Back in the 1950’s (before marrying Don) Betty dappled in a bit of modelling. When she has a chance to audition of the Coca-Cola ad she wears one of her old modelling dresses and full, full, full crinoline to the casting call.

Betty draper at model try outs

These crinolines were far too full for the average lady to wear…but not our Betty. She manages to wear this huge crinoline and still manages to look tiny.

Now I love crinolines, especially fluffy ones, but these are just too big. I call these doubly full crinolines ‘hip-enhancers’….if you are a little bit hippy or rounded through the tummy give these a miss…they will not be your friend.

Betty Draper Full crinolineWomen wore crinolines for day-to-day wear underneath their full dresses and the most common ones were made of nylon. In the first two seasons we see Betty at home in crinolines (even for days that she is at home with the kids and Francine);

betty draper in crinoline

Betty probably would have been wearing something along the line of this one;

white crinoline

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As the 1950’s melted into the 1960’s dress skirts became less voluminous and didn’t require the use of full crinolines/ petticoats. Betty is seen throughout the series in semi-full petticoats that she wears with her everyday dresses. We see Betty in a simple cotton petticoat in the creepy toilet scene with Glenn.

Betty draper toilet

There are  many beautiful cotton petticoats available on etsy that reflect Betty Draper style. This simple cotton petticoat has a simple flounce with delicate roses to the bottom.Betty draper slip with roses

pink crinoline

white petticaotr

via etsy

Betty draper in semi-full skirt

Shorter stiff nylon and net petticoats were often worn under dresses like the one above. They provided a small amount of volume beneath the skirt, a less dramatic option than a full crinoline.

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white and blue petticoat

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pink net crinoline

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 Betty petticaot

As we move further into the 1960’s Betty starts to wear shift/sheath dresses.

Betty shift dress


She would have worn either a full or half slip beneath these as dresses were not normally lined. Below is a selection of Betty style half slips.

Betty Draper pink half slip with starwbarry

 via etsyBetty Draper blue half slipvia etsy  Betty Draper bllue half slip pretty

via etsy

Here are some full slips that look similar to nighties, but they were actually constructed quite differently. Slips were cut very close to the body so that they didn’t create any lumps underneath garments. They featured lace or sheer work to the bust and base and were very fitted and plain through the body. This created a sleek and smooth silhouette and allowed clothes to fall well…and avoid showing any bra, girdle or panty lines.

full slip lemon slip

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pink slip

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white slip

I wasn’t originally going to cover Betty’s briefs but I saw these pretty ones and knew you’d want to see them.

Betty draper white briefs betty draper pink briefs

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These power panties became increasingly popular to wear as woman abandoned their stockings and girdle in favour of pantyhose.

I hope you have enjoyed our Lingerie spotlight on Betty!

Next week we are going to feature the beautiful Joanie.


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