Dear Friend,

I love to hear about great reads from other like minded people and every now and then I will share a note-worthy book with you. I chanced upon this book at my local library a couple of weeks ago and found it quite inspiring.

The book is filled with fabrics that were used for both home and garment production in the 1950’s.


The 1950’s saw the dawning of a new age in fabric manufacturing, brighter colours and fun designs were beginning to be massed produced. These patterns were influenced by television, globalisation, as well as social and political changes.

Atomic and abstract prints were a feature of the era and there was a move away from classic florals and stripes. Artists began to experiment with colour, shape and texture forging new design styles.


(I love the ladies faces popping out from under the starbursts in the print above)

Leaf motifs were used in new ways as seen in the prints below. Here we see bold colour contrast and almost geometric shapes being used to distort the naturally rounded shapes of the foliage.



(abstract leaf patterns abounded)

021 010

Novelty prints celebrated everything from the basic hair comb, through to rock ‘n’ roll, the twist dance, young valentines, to the 50’s fascination with the wild west.


 012 007 006Travel began to become more accessible (to the select few who could afford the fares).


Inspired by the twist?


Wire-work patio furniture were very common in the 50’s. I can’t decide if the above print is of a market or a suburban backyard?


I love this one of the fairground….


There were some floral patterns…but not the blowsy full blown roses that one normally associates with the 50’s.


I adore all brushstroke patterns, but these ballerina’s take the cake;



I haven’t shared all the good fabrics with you because I don’t want to spoil it for those that want to check it out.

Hope you have enjoyed the sneek peek.


Princess Pin Curls