Dear Friend,

I’m not normally a blouse wearer (I prefer knits and jackets to go with my skirts) but I have purchased three in the last month. I have steered clear of them in the past because I haven’t found them very flattering, being short-waisted and being a little bit pudgy.

Thanks to my ‘reducing regime’ I have shed quite a few kilos and a few inches from my waist. This has given me the confidence to start trying on blouses again…and to my delight I have found them quite ok. Earlier this week I bought a blouse in this pretty floral fabric from a local thrift shop;


 It has puff sleeves and a nice fitted cut through the torso which makes it both feminine and flattering. The photo above makes the fabric look like linen but it’s actually a soft cotton.

The pattern reminds me an old-fashioned Liberty print, which were sold here through patchwork and boutique sewing shops for many years.There are no tags to either confirm or deny this as it is homemade. There are some dainty cross stitches along the turned up edges.


Judging from the buttons, I don’t think it’s very old.


I wasn’t initially sold on the colour but then I remembered one of my favourite scarves is an aqua and tan spot. I decide then and there that I would make it work and give it some 1940’s styling. I was going to keep it for Autumn (to wear with a  caramel/white spotty skirt) but then I thought about wearing it with white.


I use this concertina scarf as a hair tie all the time, it’s unfailing cheerful and it has saved many a bad hair day.



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