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Trudy Campbell is one of those minor, yet essential, characters that make Mad Men such a great show. I don’t know about you but she is one of those characters that I love to hate throughout the first four seasons…she just seems too dim-witted and perky for my liking…but she has grown on me a little in the last season as she puts her foot down about the pool and doesn’t let Pete have his much dreamed of apartment in town.

I decided that she should be the third gal in my Mad Men Lingerie series….if you missed earlier post you can see Betty’s here and here and Joanie’s here.

Trudy comes from money and good breeding, she  is both well-educated and well-groomed and always looks impeccably turned out. Her style is generally quite classic and we see her in typical full-skirted dresses in bright colours and patterns throughout the show.

trydy campbelltrudywedding trudy campbell

and later with a bit of Jackie-O suit styling;

trudy campbell after the affair

 I think Trudy sees herself as thoroughly modern, fashion forward kind of gal. We see her experiment with new fashion trends, sometimes resulting in very dubious outfits;

Trudy Campbell bad hat

This photo of her and Pete hurts my eyes..plaid and psychodelic just aren’t friends and should definately never be teamed up as couple-wear. trudy and pete

blue dress

What is going on with that hat? It just doesn’t match the rest of her outfit!pete-trudy_480x360

When it comes to under garments Trudy would have worn very similar pieces to Betty, so rather than re-hash the same old things I have decided to focus on her nightwear in this post.

Trudy favours shorter, younger looking nighties and pyjamas that were worn with sheer brunch coats or bed jackets;

Trudy campbell


This baby doll look was common throughout the mid 60’s as seen in these patterns from the time;


trudy pattern

There are many examples of these nighties and brunch coats for sale on etsy;

peignoir set peignoir set 2

Shortie Pyjamas also became popular in the 60’s

trudy pattern pj

and Trudy wears an apple green set;

MAD MEN lingerie Trudy Campbel  2

Below are photos of pyjama tops that would have been worn with bloomer style bottoms;


yellow baby doll

Unlike Betty she is happy to experiment with the brighter, acid colours that abounded throughout the era and probably would have worn something like this nightie;

two tone 60's nightie

and she could have worn a sheer bright floral brunch coat, like the one below, with her apple green pyjama set.

trudy brunch coat  In later seasons we see her in lounge style robes in brighter colours and bolder patterns.


I’m sorry to say that she probably would have had items like the ones below in her late 60’s wardrobe …..shudder;

IMG_1781  trudy lounge wear


Poor Trudy…her taste in fashion (like her taste in men) leaves a lot to be desired.


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