Dear Friend,

The other day we went into town for a bit of a shop and poke around.


I love to explore the City’s small arcades and alleys, they feel so Eurpoean…a million miles away from my suburban existence. I love to soak up their history, I always feel like I’m stepping back in time…

 I love them all, from the Victorian to Art Deco to wartime buildings. One day I shall do a post on all my favourite haunts, but today I am going to share pictures of the Cathedral Arcade and Nicholas Building.

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The Cathedral Arcade is below the Nicholas Building, which is home to many artisan crafts people like milliners and one of the best bead/gem shops in Melbourne…it also house Retro Star Vintage. Retro Star is mostly 60’s and 70’s vintage (not very Princess Pin Curls) but it does also have some late 50’s/ early 60’s evening wear pieces that are pretty yummy. I popped in to have a bit of a shop but I didn’t buy anything…but I did go up an extra flight of stairs than I normally would and found this Alice in Wonderland style wall of doors.


They are all suspended in the middle of the wall between two flights of stairs. They are pretty inaccessible…which makes me wonder if they could have ever been used for anything like storage…or are they portals to another land…


Despite my best efforts, they wouldn’t open…so we shan’t know!


I wore one of my older maroon dresses from Leona Edmiston .


She makes great vintage inspired dresses out of jersey fabric, I have quite a few of her dresses in my collection from my pre-vintage days…although many are too big for me now and will have to be moved on soon (stay tuned for my upcoming ebay sale).


I also wore my new (old) deadstock leather shoes, which I bought (with not one single scuff mark on the sole) from a thrift shop last week for only $10… I was so chuffed as I have been on the look out for a pair of maroon winter shoes for a while now. They patent leather toe pieces which are both pretty and practical (as they can be polished far easier than normal leather and they are shiny).


A very special friend gave me these Alannah Hill pantyhose for Christmas and this is the first opportunity that I’ve had to wear them. They are a soft sheer pale pink with this beautiful lace backseam…so dainty.


This beautiful corsage is also from Alannah Hill, I love her floral headbands, belts and corsages. They have much brighter colours than my vintage millinery flowers…which is nice when I have an outfit that needs a strong punch of colour.

We tried a new photo effect from Cam Wow to age this photo…we were aiming for 1940’s war time…what do you think?