Dear Friend,

I am currently casting about for a different roller hair set. I try to wet set my hair at least once a week (which will last a few days) and I use hot rollers for the remaining days.

 I’ve had an inch taken off the bottom of my hair at the back and wanted to try something to make my hair bounce up and look a bit like a 1950’s mid-legnth do. I generally use a standard pattern based on middle, side and back blocks of rollers but wanted to achieve more sweep at the front and bounce at the back.

I saw this set pattern over at The Pink Retro Powder Room blog and decided to give it a whirl. I love the fact that it shows the roller set required as well as the ‘permanent’ (perm) block.

Betty Hair set

I haven’t come across a set pattern that used both rollers and pin curls together.

Betty Hair set

My hair is a little longer than the beautiful model but I wanted to give it a go.

The first two rollers were placed by rolling under (the hair on top).


Then the next two are placed in the opposite direction (so the roller is on top of the hair).061

The same was done for the opposite side. 062

I couldn’t take any photos of the back (my photographers have finished their school holidays and are back at school) and I had to take my rollers out before picking them up….rollers in the hair and scarf upon the head isn’t appropriate pick-up attire, and will not a happy child make.

I followed the set pattern and combined the rollers with pin curls.063

I got some fabulous curls and lift through the front of my hair… 081

…but the  back was a different story…I think my hair was just too long to get the bounce and lift needed.082

After I gave my hair a few strokes of the paddle brush and a bit of light shaping I managed to get it to sit up a bit better.087

I think this set would work beautifully on above shoulder length hair, any longer and the weight of the hair drags the curl out. You can see that my hair is lifting quite nicely on the left side of this photo, where my hair is shorter…but the length at the back means that the shape is all wrong.

The quest for a new set pattern continues.


Princess Pin Curls