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This is the last installment of my Mad Men Lingerie Series…if you missed the other posts you can see Betty here and here, Joanie here and Trudy here. I know that many of you will be wondering why I won’t be doing a post on Peggy Olsen.

 (As much as I love Peggy I just can’t bring myself to document her very boring and dowdy smalls-to these readers, I say sorry in advance to Peggy fans.)

The 1960’s was a time of revolution and change- socially, politically and sexually. These changes were reflected in the music and fashions of the time. The most important change in the world of fashion was the arrival of the mini skirt, and as the hemlines rose waistlines loosens. Gone were dresses with nipped waists and full skirts, the 60’s was the era of loose-fitting shift dresses and, more importantly, the leg.

Megan is roughly a decade behind our other Mad Men girls and has quite a different style. Her look is young, fun and carefree. She is far more adventurous with patterns, she fully embraces the 60’s wild colours and bold prints.

 Megan, being part of the younger twenty-something generation, embraces all these changes. We see her in spots, houndstooth, paisley plaids and stripes….all with far shorter hemlines and boxier cuts than any other cast member. megan draper megan-draper-plaid-coat


megan-draper-polkadot-blous megan-quits

These changes effected women’s lingerie in several ways. Women no longer needed to wear shapewear to define and shape their silhouette as fashions were looser and more forgiving. Their was no need for long line bras and high-waisted briefs and the bikini brief became more popular.

Megan favoured these hi-cut, smaller briefs and the new, smaller bras.


During these times a very small minority of women dispensed with their bras as part of the extreme feminist movement, claiming they were a sign of oppression…but this was only a minority. Bra construction, fabrication and shape changed to meet the demand for more comfort, they were softer and less rigid, allowing breasts to fall in a natural shape.

60s white bra

Colour and pattern began to emerge in undergarments…no longer was there a choice of nude, white or black… fun florals.60's bra  floral 60s bra

These shorter hemlines meant that traditional garters and girdles (and tops of stockings) would be visible when women sat down. Some stocking manufacturer’s tried to combat this by producing mini stockings that were longer, coming up to the upper thigh height.


The above stockings are from my own collection- note the “shrimp legnth” tag in the top corner.


These had to be worn with mini-girdles, which were shorter than their predecessors.

Megan Draper girdle

I picked this one to show you because it almost matches Megan’s pastel bikini top.


Whilst stockings were still available, and many older ladies continued to wear them for many years pantyhose were becoming more popular, especially with younger women. I suspect that Megan would have been one of the girls that embraced pantyhose, for their ease of use and to dispense with girdles altogether.

In the shot below she is wearing sheer black pantyhose with this black micro-mini dress at Don’s surprise party.


Zoobie Do!

Advertisers played up the ease of use and versatility of these new nylons (pantyhose) to see them to the public- claiming they were “ideal for all your fashions”.I suspect that part of this was addressing the mini skirt issue.


Pantihose…or as the packet below says ” Panty Hose- the one piece garment that combines a panty brief and sheerest stocking”.

Unlike the soft, feminine packaging of the 1950’s these 1960’s pantyhose packages to look fresh, modern, fun and young. This one has a fairly ‘Megan’ looking girl in a mini dress and bob hair cut.

zoobi do pantyhose

The low cut bikini is another key symbol of 60’s fashion. Although it’s technically not underwear, I thought I would include a few shot of ‘far out’ bathers because of this photo from the upcoming season.

Megan Draper bathers

There was a huge rise in popularity of not only the bikini but poolside/beach loungewear- all in eye watering patterns and colours;

 bikini 60s  blue bikin il_570xN_424630362_948r orange bikini

bikin pattern play suit

I’m not going to dwell upon her nightwear as Megan wears baby doll style nighties (fairly similar to Trudy)


and we do see her in half slips and full slips when she first starts seeing Don


I won’t re-hash over these as you will have seen them in the earlier part of this series….and if you missed them you really should go check them out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Mad Men Lingerie series!


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