Dear Friend,

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us I thought I would do a post that combined two sweet, romantic things- roses and chocolate. Not the eating type mind you…the colour chocolate. This fabric brings together the romance of full-blown roses and chocolate-brown.



I made this simple dress last year and wear it to death. It is so cool to wear on those hot, sticky summer days (which have finally arrived in old Melbourne town).


I gave it a sweet heart neckline and flared shoulder straps. The straps start off wide at the shoulder and taper down as they meet the bodice- this creates a flattering cut and more feminine shape.

I love bow belts and sashes…but sometimes they can be a little fussy when worn to the front of a heavily patterned dress. I made a simple sah belt and I wear it tied in a bow to the rear.


I kept the straps nice and wide to the back, which gives the illusion of a narrower, elongated torso. I’ve had to re-make the bodice and run in the skirt somewhat for this summer- thanks to my reducing regime- but I love it so much that it was worth the effort.


After I made the dress I searched etsy for a pair of earrings to match I found this darlings.

They match perfectly…don’t you think?


 The rose buds have a shiny, sparkly centre hidden amongst the folds of the petals.


075 Hoping you have a sweet Valentine’s Day…filled with real roses, chocolates and special someones.


Princess Pin Curls