Dear Friend,

Regular readers will be familiar with details of my ‘Reducing Regime’.

For those of you who have just started tuning into Princes Pin Curls I will recap-I began a reducing regime in order to fit into more of the beautiful vintage clothes from the 50’s and 60’s…and specifically a Lilli Ann suit.

My goal was to achieve a 30 inch waist- which would allow me to wear dresses with a 28 inch waist….with the help of a waist cincher.

So how have I done?

Five months ago I was 72 kilos and had a 34.5 inch waist. I have been steadily dropping the weight and am now down to 64.5 kilo and have a 30.5 inch waist (give or take).


 The inches seem to be melting off my bust, hips and thighs but they seem to be clinging to my middle section…boo-hoo!

This means that I have dropped from a size 14 to a size 10, and has left me with very little in my wardrobe that actually fits. In order to combat the saggy, baggy effect I have had my sewing machine almost constantly on the kitchen table so that I can ‘just run in’ that skirt or dress in the morning when I’m getting dressed.

Sadly, many of my favourite pieces just can’t be adjusted because they require almost every seam to be adjusted….again, boo-hoo!

The up side of this is that I will be able to plan a whole new winter wardrobe-yay!

I will share all of this with you over the coming weeks in a series of posts entitled ‘My New Look Winter Wardrobe’. The name of this series gives you a hint as to what era I will be focussing on.

In order to fund this upcoming project, and clear some room in the wardrobe, I will be selling many of my vintage and vintage style clothes on ebay. I will feature them here as soon as I get myself organised…so  if any of you are interested in shopping my wardrobe keep popping in for more details.


Princess Pin Curls