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Over the last couple of months my décolletage had reduced quite a bit, leaving my bras loose and shapeless.

I have used this as a good excuse to experiment with a few vintage style bras…the first of which being an over-wire bra. Over-wire bras, like bullet bras, were quite popular in the 1950’s for the shape and support they gave women. Over-wires were often used in strapless bras as they gave excellent shape and uplift beneath strapless/halterneck dresses.

As you can see by the example below, these were effective even on quite busty ladies.

over wire bra black plunge

The bra below is a soft cup strapless bullet bra with over-wire feature….it looks a little earlier than 1950’s, maybe 1940’s?over wire bra over wire long line bra overwire bustier white lace over wire bra white long line bra white over wire bra

This shape has recently seen a resurgence of popularity since the beautiful Dita Von Tesse started wearing them a few years ago and then included them in her lingerie range.

Dita von Teese Lingerie

I started out with this one in pretty blush pink over-wire bra from the Dita Voon Tesse-Von Follies Lingerie range.


It has a semi-firm sculpted cup (no padding) which features a lace top panel and the re-enforced fabric to the lower half provides excellent uplift to the bust.


The shape is semi-triangular…not as much as a bullet bra…but more than a standard modern bra.


As you can see by the pickies the cup maintains it’s shape even when it’s not on.


This model has detachable straps and really shines as a strapless bra. When I’ve worn it under strapless dresses I have felt totally supported, uplifted and been very happy with the shape. I was lucky enough to buy it on sale ($30) rather than the normal $45.

I was so tickled by it that I went out and bought her sister- in black.

016 017 018

They give a semi-triangular shape to the bust which is perfect for day-to-day wear under dresses and blouses…but I would desperately like to buy a bullet bra for the coming winter (they really are the ultimate in sweater gal action) and think that I will start with the What Katie Did
Bullet Bra in a soft peachy colour.


Stay tuned for more Re-Vamping of my Lingerie Drawer posts over the coming weeks.


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