Dear Friend,

As I mentioned last week I am pretty much having to start from scratch with my winter wardrobe this year (as many of my old clothes don’t fit). So, over the coming weeks I’ll be chatting about my New Look Winter Wardrobe, which is going to have a 1950’s theme.

The 50’s winter wardrobes were renowned fo fitted wiggle skirts and cosy sweaters, and I will be incorporating a few of these into my wardrobe…. but I also wanted to venture into one or two winter weight circle skirts. I have been doing my research and looking for inspiration on etsy….and I have been ‘hearting’ many beautiful circle skirt patterns and skirts.

I thought I should share some of these beautiful images with you so that you may take inspiration from them for your sewing projects/wardrobe planning for the upcoming winter (here in the southern hemisphere anyway).

 I love a good novelty print fabric but these two are particularly sweet. I love how the pocket watch skirt has the added detail of the chain that goes from the waist to the watch;

circle skirt novelty skirt 3

Are vintage cars your thing? Do you need a car novelty skirt in your wardrobe?

novelty skirt

Or are you more of a city gal who needs a streetscape skirt?

novelty circle skirt pink

I’ve also been drawn to abstract and geometric patterns of late, I really loved these prints;

geometric circle skirt green circle skirt novelty circle skiet winter

I am planning to incorporate a plaid woollen circle skirt into my wardrobe…. I just have to wait for the right one to come my way, at the right price, and in the right size.

I am hoping to find one that gives the same sort of look as the pink/grey plaid skirt featured in this pattern;

pink plaid skirt

….or this green plaid one (but I would prefer it minus the pockets)

circle skirt

I have included these two fun summer skirts for you beautiful Northern Hemisphere gals to swoon over;

novelty circle skirt 2

novelty circle skirt

 Hope you have a good weekend.


Princess Pin Curls