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A few of you have been clicking this little button my side-bar

sew for victory

and I thought it was about time that I share my project for the challenge.

If you’re not familiar with this sew along I’ll fill you in……the lovely Rochelle from Lucky Lucille blog is hosting a 1940’s sew-a-long entitled Sew for Victory! The idea is to make a 1940’s themed garment/outfit from either an original pattern, fabric etc or one that has been inspired by an original photo. All the gals participating are sharing their inspiration photos, fabrics, patterns and sewing triumphs and tragedies on flickr.

I only stumbled upon this project a week or so ago…I will be quite under the pump to finish my project by the deadline of March 30. I bought an original 1940’s blouse pattern via etsy only to find out it wasn’t available so I have bought a modern pattern that I am going to adapt.

My inspiration has come from blouse featured in my 1940’s issues of Women’s Home Journal.

015 016

I am going to be using his retro fabric that I bought off the sale table at Spotlight….can you tell what the pattern is?


… it’s teeny-tiny Sydney Opera Houses!

I’ll be using this modern pattern (blouse E, minus the ruffle) because it was the only simple blouse pattern that I could find that was in stock…it doesn’t look like either of the little blouses pictured, but I’m hoping it will have the same 40’s ‘feel’ when it’s finished.

037 040

Since it’s a 1940’s challenge I am also going to ‘make do & mend’ by giving a terracotta coloured thrift store skirt a 1940’s make-over;


For those of you following my Reducing Regime…. note the waist mweasurement of the skirt.


I found quite a few yummy 1940’s skirt styles, again in Women’s Home Journal;


I eventually decided that my skirt could be easily adapted to look a combination of the two styles below;



The skirt will need a good 1 1/2 inches off the bottom to give it that just past the knee look.

 I will also have to run the side seams in a bit around the hips and thighs. I am going to deepen and extend the darts that are already in the front of the skirt.

That’s all the blogging I can do for now….as I’m under the pump to get these sewing projects finished by the deadline!


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