Dear Friend,

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic in the Pin Curls household…hence the lack of posts and projects.

The main reason for this upheaval is a change in work, which has drained me both mentally and emotionally.


The secondary reason is that I had a glass table top fall on my big toe and it has been causing me a huge amount over discomfort and they had to drill through the toe nail to release blood that was pooling behind the nail….not very pretty or fun.

sore toe

To add insult to injury I can’t wear proper shoes for at least another week or two…you can imagine my delight at the prospect of thongs (flip flops) for at least the coming fortnight.

Regarding work-I have worked two part-time jobs for over seven years. As a Sales Rep for a large multi-national company and at Laura Ashley selling clothes and homewares in one of their busier stores. This has been great whilst the children have been young, as this juggling between jobs has allowed me to be with the kids before and after school, but not always at nights or weekends. Recent changes within the supermarket chains has meant that reps are no longer need to visit stores as frequently. This has meant a large reduction in hours and will eventually lead to no work at all within this industry. So I have been brave and decided to jump before the push and am leaving the safety net of the familiar to take on a new challenge.

vintage secretary photo

I started my new role this week as a Receptionist for a small, old fashioned Optometrist near home. The reception work is relatively straight forward, but I have a huge amount to learn regarding lenses, prescriptions etc. which I will take a few weeks to get the hang of.


So please forgive my if my posts are somewhat sporadic over the coming month, as my brain power is diverted elsewhere. I promise that this will only be for a short while.

Likewise to all my vintage blog pen pals (you know who you are) I apologize in advance if I am a little slack in my correspondence over the coming weeks. I am reading, just on the ipad in bed (and i-pads suck when it comes to leaving comments because you can only have one screen open at a time).


Princess Pin Curls