Dear Friend,

I know many of you, like me, are eagerly awaiting the first episode of Mad Men Season 6…only two more sleeps!


The promotional photos have been many and varied. From Don and Megan in Hawaii;

Megan Draper bather mad-men-hawaii-beach-megan draper bather

to some fabulously decadent party shots;

mad mean season 6D MAD MEN SEASON 6

(Poor Peggy- always the bridesmaid, never the bride)


Blog land is awash with Mad Men character analysis, costume appraisal and plot speculation and Hey Doll! Vintage e-zine is doing a whole issue dedicated to the theme which will be out tomorrow (which you should totally check out). It seems that we are all in the grips of ‘Mad Men fever’- that sickness that can only be held at bay by re-watching old episodes, cheering our favourite character’s triumphs and lamenting their downfalls.

I myself have just finished re-watching Season 5 again am positively chomping at the bit…and not sure if Monday night will come quick enough. I am dying to find out what is happening with Joanie, keen to see exactly how debouched Pete Campbell has become and how Peggy is progressing as Copy Chief at Cutler, Gleeson & Shaw. Of course the big question on everyone’s lips is “has Don returned to his philandering ways?”-as it was eluded to in the final episode at the bar.

I have read that we will have to wait for episode 2 to find out about Pete and Joanie….agony!

Media releases have been quite limited as to the plot line and there has been great secrecy surrounding the exact year that we have jumped to, even journalists who have seen the first episode aren’t exactly sure of what year it is (although I’m tipping it’s going to be 1970).

How are you keeping your ‘Mad Men fever’ under control?

What are you hoping to see in the new season?


Princess Pin Curls

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