Dear Friend,

Autumn and Spring always stirs up the restless component of my personality. I find myself wanting to shift the furniture around, overhaul the garden and change my hair.

I haven’t changed my hair cut for a few years now and lately I’ve grown tired of it’s bulkiness. I wanted to try a shorter cut,so that I could experiment with some 1950’s and 60’d do’s. So last week’s hair appointment lead to cutting quite a bit off the length, reducing the length of my layers and…drum roll….cutting in some bangs (a fringe).

I haven’t found the best roller set to do with this style yet…but it has enabled me to experiment with a soft beehive do.

I’ve tried a few 60’s hair do’s in the past but found them a little harsh on my face. I needed to have the shorter layers at the front of my hair to soften the look.

Here’s what I came up with


To get the right amount of lift at the top I had to use a small hair rat. I think it may have been a little too high- as I got quite a few double takes through the working day.


I added volume and interest to the back of my hair with the addition of a hair piece.


You can barely see where my hair finishes and the hair piece begins.

I think I’ll try it again in the near future…maybe with a slightly smaller hair rat.