Dear Friend,

My new job is quite a change of scenery.

I have traded in bright shopping centre lights, fast paced retail and jostling with supermarket trolleys…I now spend my days tip-tap typing, filing and optometric paraphernalia. I find myself helping people to select specs and chatting quite a bit more than I’ve ever had the luxury of doing. Many of our patients are older and I hear great stories about their experiences growing up, the area and the ‘good old days….’particularly when they notice my full skirts and petticoats. I love hearing these stories and listening to their friendly chatter.

The practice I work at is fully modernised and computerised with the exception of it’s quaint, old-fashioned feeling to it, and we still have ‘old-fashioned’ patient cards that we file in these beautiful timber cabinets.


They remind me so much of the ones that we have in the school library growing up.


These cards show years of visits, changes in prescriptions…and in some cases the slow degeneration of sight We concertina staple them together and many of them together show the history of patients eyes and their orders over the years.

Part of my job is to cull inactive patients cards., which can be a bitter sweet job. I constantly marvel at their beautiful names….only to sigh when I see their age…and then I reflect the reason that they probably aren’t coming anymore is that they have passed away.

Casualties of my latest card cull have been predominantly from the 1930’s and have included names like -Rose, Dawn, June, Lois, Phyllis, Violet, Marjory, Iris, Gwendoline…such soft feminine names.These names, often inspired by nature and beauty, are often classified as old lady names by my husband…but to me they are harbingers of a bygone era.

I’ve been terribly slack about posting outfit shots lately…I’m leaving earlier and getting home later than before…please bare with me whilst I’m still adjusting to my new regime.

By ways of making up I have collected a few snippets of what I’ve been wearing over the last few weeks;


I am just loving this bag at the moment. I call it my knitting bag…it just looks like it should contain a pair of needles and yarn, doesn’t it?


This dress is a multi-coloured candy stripe…I was so stoked when I discovered I had matching bangles in my bangle collection!



Í will share these dresses with…but it looks like they will have to wait for next year…as it is decidedly chilly here in Melbourne already, so I doubt I’ll be getting much wear out of them before Spring.


Princess Pin Curls