Dear friend,

As one season fades and another dawns I usually take stock of my wardrobe. Assessing which pieces need to be sent to charity shops, which pieces need repairing, which pieces need to be let out (or, gleefully, this year taken in).

Elvgren wardrobe

This year this task has been all the harder because many items that have been an integral part of previous winter wardrobes are just not fitting me. This applies mostly to my skirts and dresses and no amount of ‘running in the seams’ will help them look well upon me. I have been able to keep quite a few of my woollen sweaters and kilts but on the whole I am starting from scratch.

This is both a blessing and a curse…On one hand I’m very glad to have shifted those extra inches, but on the other I now have to cast about for a new winter look and try to build up a repertoire of key wardrobe pieces. I have decided to take a leaf from our for-mothers book and (for the first time in my life) plan a seasonal wardrobe…and it is all going to be inspired by the 1950’s.

So you are going to see quite a bit of wiggle skirts, fitted sweaters and…drum roll…I have given into my long desire to have a few winter weight circle skirts…I know, I know they aren’t the most flattering because of the bulky wool, but they look so graceful and feel so cozy.

Now,before I hit the shops, I did a bit of research and got a few pictures of the look I wanted to achieve- so that I stayed focussed!

I knew I wanted at least one plaid woollen circle skirt, like the one below;

circle 2

I have avoided these skirts in years past because of their bulking qualities… and the fact that they can sometimes look a little stiff;

woolen skirt

So, I started by buying these two inexpensive plaid woollen semi-full skirts over the summer months (I find shopping out of season, even in thrift stores, will get you the better buys and increase your bargaining power).

I bought this one for $10.


I wore this skirt last week on a decidedly cold and windy (almost a wintery) day.


 I love the green colour in the skirt and decided to bring it out with these accessories.



I also thrifted this biscuit and navy skirt for $5


They are both actually 1970’s Aywon brand skirts that I have shortened to give a 50’s look- I am wearing it here with a semi-full crinoline…still debating whether it should be worn with my very full petticoat?


I am going to try teaming them back with cardigans rather than a sweater…I think they will look a lot more flattering and quite a bit more girly!

I am hoping to sew a warm woollen full circle skirt sometime in the next month of so…perhaps in a soft dove grey.


Princess Pin Curls