Dear Friend,

I had a bit of a hair cut last week and here’s what it looks like now…not a huge difference to the length, just quite a bit more layering.


I had the front cut into bangs so that I could experiment with some of these 50’s hairstyles. I needed less weight through the sides so that I could get lift through the front and so I could sweep it back slightly. After experimenting with a few different roller set patterns I have finally found one that works with my cow lick’s.

 A lot of my outfits are inspired by things I’ve seen in an old photographs, in magazines or by something I’ve seen in a movie or retro T.V series.

 Other times I buy a small but inspirational accessory that I love and build a whole outfit around it. This is what happened when I found this two-tone scarf in strawberry pink and caramel. I found it in bargain bin at a vintage shop…from memory they were all going for $5 each or 3 for $10- what a bargain!



Everything I’m wearing today is making their maiden voyage- with the exception of my bag and shoes.


This soft camel coloured woollen skirt was found on etsy a few weeks back. Not only was it the right colour and cut it had its original self-covered belt and stitching detail;



I have been searching for a 50’s charm bracelet for quite some time (all the ladies in 50’s adverts and pattern packets seem to be sporting one). The beautiful pearl charm is actually a locket that opened and holds two photos…today was its maiden voyage.


I’ve never shown you my beloved 50’s rose gold watch, it looks slightly deco-ish in its appearance, but I have been assured by several dealers that it is in fact a 50’s piece.


Speaking of time…these photos were all hurriedly taken before work yesterday.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.


Princess Pin Curls