Dear Friend,

I would never generally call myself a thoroughly modern miss  and never a ‘Modern Lady’. I am fairly traditional in a lot of my beliefs and lifestyle, and as far as my wardrobe goes…well, anything but modern.

But I would like to think that, had I been the same woman living and raising a family in the 1950’s, I would have been considered a modern, forward thinking woman. I would have striven for equality in the work place and I would challenged many of the social conventions and norms.

For this reason I was delighted when my latest etsy from Tea Street Vintage purchased arrived in the post today, with this tag attached;


This beautiful floral sheath dress with sheer overlay is everything I had hoped for when I bought it. It has an amazing wide portrait collar, twin roses to the bust line and its original self covered belt (a rarity for me, most I buy are missing their belts).



I’m only going to share a couple of pickies here because I want to save the rest for some outfit shots. It is in fabulous condition, I think it was only worn a few times as there is very little sign of wear at all.

I am hoping we will get one last burst of warmer weather because I’m DYING to wear it, it feels so pretty on.


Princess Pin Curls

P.S- Check out some of the other stunning dresses that this shop has up for sale at the moment.

Too many beautiful party dresses…not enough parties!